VR Box
Turn Your Smart Phone Into
3D Theater|360&deg Panoramic Video|Immersive Game
In 1 Second

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Most cost-effective virtual reality headset on the market

VR Box

Google created Cardboard project, which started an affordable virtual reality age. We take it further, not only affordable also high effective. It’s VR Box. All necessary is a 4.5′-6.0′ smart phone. VR Box will turn it into a virtual reality headset in one second. It allows you to be immersed into virtual reality, enjoy 3D movie like you are in a 3D IMAX theater. Even better, there are no bad seat. You sit on the center, and the big screen is all yours. With a gyroscope and accelerometer, which has been a must configuration for recent smart phones, you will enjoy 360° panoramic video and play 3D-VR game, absolutely an immersive experience. Follow us, we can’t wait to share more information about our VR Box with you.

VR Box VIP Private 3D IMAX Theater

Absolutely Private

360 Degree Panoramic Video

360 Degree Panoramic Video

Immersive Game

360 VR Box

Simple VR Box

Elegent VR Box

VR Box Front

VR Box Side

VR Box Back

VR Box Slide

VR Box Memory Foam

VR Box Lens

Assembly VR Box

Some Fun Facts about our VR Box
5 Times
8 Layers
Nanometer Coating
43 Pieces
59 Steps
Assembly Processes
VR Box Fits for Most Smart Phones and Most People


Compatible with 4.5inch-6.0inch Smart Phone

Adjustable Focal DistanceWide Field of View