Land Rover show car camera technology the trailer becomes transparent

  Now, carmakers have invested in research and development of high-tech features to enhance the competitiveness of their products. Recently, the Land Rover’s own “perspective (see-through)” strategy is to expand into a new “transparent trailer (Transparent Trailer)” function.

  Land Rover, the new feature from the auto surround camera system and trailer rear digital wireless camera video streams are combined, thus eliminating the blind spot in the rear-view mirror. Video footage of two different sources merged together after car dragged behind car will become transparent, so that drivers can be easily observed would have been irresistible vision.

  Other than transparent trailers, Land Rover has also published another called “freight induction (Cargo Sense)” the system, by using the internal camera and a series of pressure sensors to help owners with an average load. If the goods are in the process of vehicle moved, the system also can be immediately alerted, to allow drivers to stop and make the adjustments.

  It is learnt that the Land Rover vehicles are expected to be equipped with these new technologies come out soon.