Students invent tree planting robot MoE

  Robot? plant trees?

  That’s what I’m talking about, TreeRover is a robot specifically for planting trees. This is two Canada Victoria University student engineers idea, out of concern for Earth’s environment and the search for sustainable development, Nick Birch and Tyler Rhodes two students drop out of four months, to create a TreeRove robot.

  Robot with four wheel motor TreeRover to plant trees, have adapted to forest terrain off-road performance. In order to complete the automatic processes to plant trees, saplings trough and digging hoe, and soil compaction plate in TreeRover is almost as many. In addition, there are car electronic stability control, 3D printing gear system, assure the robots work efficiently.

  You can see from the video, move a fairly flexible robot TreeRover to plant trees in the mountains, you can follow a row line, each separated by a fixed distance, planted a tree. The machine people, planting trees only consists of very simple two steps: automatically transferred the seedlings into the ground, few took to a compacted version. The compacting action accompanied by a trace of human flexibility and stay cute.

  Throughout the process only lasts a few seconds of time to plant trees, the efficiency is very high. It is regrettable that, did not see on this robot fertilizing and watering devices.

Students invent tree planting robot: MoE

  According to the TreeRover development is completed, Lei feng’s network that if cost permits, put it into production is also not a bad idea. Using robots to plant trees is expected to reduce labor costs, improve the efficiency of planting trees, indirect extent can also facilitate the process of greening of the Earth.

  Two sponsors currently indiegogo website opens chip, but this is raising production robot’s purpose was not to raise funds, but to plant more trees on the Earth. Sponsors plan to raise US $ 5000 for TreeRover technology upgrade and improve, make them more intelligent, and more powerful.

Students invent tree planting robot: MoE

  Robot development is completed, according to the amount of different sponsors for each supporter at least plant a tree and tree supporters name-tagged. In addition, the team will take a video sent to supporters. This is a time for preparatory activities of Hong Kong, and “it takes ten years for” convey the idea is consistent with the traditional proverbs.