I think I not Rock You may need a Marshall phone

  What kind of phone can call “rock and roll style” full?

  Two years ago, there have been a Cui Jian, the blue bone custom mobile phone with built-in Cui Jian’s theme and music videos, but high prices of RMB 3988 seems to have captured fans of “heart”.

  Of course, the price is on the one hand, the most important is that it isn’t as cool as Cui Jian, a teacher of music. This seems more like a product is the product of a Shenzhen OEM manufacturers, see how Marshall did it!





  Like rock and roll friends certainly no stranger to Marshall. For 50 years, from Marshall guitar speakers sent out numerous guitar master “ROAR”, Jimi Hendrix, and Eric Clapton, and Jimmy Page … … Not an exaggeration to say, Marshall brand history is almost the same as in the history of rock and roll legend.


Screenshot 2015-07-20 afternoon 1.36.37.PNG


  In addition to serving musicians, Marshall also wants to allow more fans to have the opportunity to experience the uniqueness of the product. Launched after the headphones, in-ear headphones, Marshall finally released the first smart-phone: Marshall London.




  Function and characteristics

  From the configuration, Marshall London really belong to thousands of machines standard:

  720P 4.7-inch IPS screen, Gao Tongxiao 401 processor, built-in 2GB RAM+16GB ROM (memory expansion), front + rear 2 million pixels of 8 million pixels camera combo, 2500mAh batteries … …




  Of course, believe that users who are willing to buy it is not configured. In music, Marshall London what’s the same places?

  As a flagship music phone, free standing comparable to that effect to the cottage. Marshall London’s most unique is that the two front speakers, claiming to be “loud cell phone on the planet.” It is also equipped with dual microphones, in the strengthening of the radio at the same time, active noise reduction function can also guarantee the call clarity.

  Dual headphone jacks in the MP3 era is still very common, smart little phone, but for people who like to share music is still necessary. Marshall London has two headphone jacks, in addition to sharing music with your friends, even two people use a cell phone, one movie, one listen to the song.




  Design, Marshall London select Finland cooperate company Creoir. Creoir Jolla, Nokia products together to create the experience. Marshall of London at the top there is an exclusive music “m” button, spraying of Marshall’s iconic Golden can quickly access music collections. Like many players, its volume keys are designed into the pulley.




  Except in appearance followed the Marshal brand elements such as leather, metal, Marshall London the pursuit of music also in Wolfson WM8281 audio chip built-in, customizable equalizer and DJ applications, and so on.




  Hotel reviews

  If you are Marshall’s die-hard, you may see the letters would go buy it. For most rock music fans, personalized products Marshall London, either.




  Also does music phones, Marshall London Hi-Fi configuration may not be as many Chinese-made mobile phones as “fever”. From the speakers, but a headset to the phone, Marshall design elements and an understanding of rock ‘ n ‘ roll is the same strain, perhaps this is where it really attractive.

  Prices and availability

  Marshall listed London August 21 took the lead in the United Kingdom, the United States, the price is $ 399 and $ 499, respectively, book now comes with Marshall Monitor in-ear headphones. More than 3,000 price was acceptable, even after all “blue bones” can sell 3988.