Moisture evaporates as the power suspected of 21st century energy most

  On September 6, a steam engine is a product of the industrial revolution, but based on the evaporation of water vapor as a driving force, do recent scientific achievements, it will be one of the major energy results!

Moisture evaporates as the power suspected of 21st century energy most effectively?

  According to the United Kingdom media reported on June 17, 2015, New York, Colombia University researchers use some elements of natural processes for micro power and LED lights.

  United States has invented the use of evaporation of water vapor machine, New York, Colombia University researchers using this machine developed a self-propelled mini-cars and a steam to drive the engine to power LED lights.

  These inventions will steam into efficient energy in nature, promoting the development of next-generation renewable energy equipment.

  The study leader aozuer·shaxin said the equipment is cheap, it can last from Lake or sea evaporation of water vapor to get power.

  ”Water would have evaporated, it can’t evaporate. If you put a wet surface, it will dry on its own, this is a force of nature. “Shaheen said,” we do is find a way to use this power for some actual work. ”


  Colombia University scientists have invented to evaporation of steam powered machines. The invention of machines built a discovery of Shaheen in 2014, he found in ordinary soil bacteria spore swelling in a damp environment, while in dry air, water vapor is released and then narrowed. Spore size of these principles can be used to change an object’s length.

  In order to create a buoyant piston engine, Shaheen and his colleagues a list of spores stuck to tape on both sides. Interval between these spores, spores on one side with the other side of the coincidence.

  When the tape when exposed to dry air, Spore size, tape like a spring shortens in humid air, the tape gets longer. This result shows the differences brought about by the climate dynamics, scientists call it artificial moisture dynamics, or “Hyde” (a legendary animal).

  Scientists use a lot of “Hyde” continue to develop out of a piston engine. “Hyde” is placed in a plastic box with a lid, box in the water. Evaporation of water vapor would make “Hyde” expansive and cover out of the way, moisture will leak out of the box; reduce water vapor, “Hyde” shrinks, covers and cover. This process will loop.

  Scientists found in testing the engine power enough to light or extinguish a LED lamp. They believe these machines will buoy lights or deep-sea sensors.

  Scientists put the second machine called “humidity factory”. This machine comes with a plastic wheel, the wheel is covered with sticky tape of spores. Half of the wheel is placed in the dry air, this part of the tape roll; the other half were contained in a relatively humid air, the tape is straight. It work when wheels begin to spin, spin can generate enough power to drive a toy car move forward.