Taught you how to do it and the secret garden as hot products

  Circle of friends now divided into 2 kinds of people: one is in the secret garden of James, one is in the secret garden.


Untitled _meitu_1.jpg


  Is this book. Oh OiNK! lost to painted covers (´ д ‘)

  Some say paint pressure. Finished in order to paint a picture to stay up awake the next day dizzy and finally changed several filters to make their works every other minute brush circle of friends who give me praise, saw Po out of the sincere message acclaims in the heart of the beautiful pictures to scream “I can paint” – is probably the “pressure”.

  Was said this is heart therapy, Jung not also said “mandala graphics is people of inside of external projection, can with pictures of way to performance” you? students are, first corrected about on and name altar city of Mandala of views, first mandala is Buddhist key cases repair holding energy of Center, structure and elements are has symbol means; second mandala need painting out of is graphics not to small block son painting; again second mandala therapy is need in master structure and elements of based Shang, in blank of canvas Shang painting out graphics, to completed psychological treatment.


Untitled _meitu_1.jpg


  This is the mandala (mandala) well, 10,000 times harder than coloring book Hello!

  About a month ago, the secret garden from the letter and started with a circle of friends, quickly became a topic started landing all types of portals, social networking sites, and ultimately pervasive, to be a “phenomenal” coloring book.

  If not for the role of decompression and mysterious, heal, the secret garden is: why hot?

  First of all, it is enough to create space, and there are not too many creative space.

  This beautiful owls, flowers, butterflies, Totem already pave the aesthetic basis, you have to do is fill in a small grid color. Don’t even need to get a basic drawing, even separated by spaces filled with black, you can get a pair of Escher-style paintings. Want some van Gogh? interspersed with saturation of blue and yellow paint a picture would be nice. Do you like Monet, then this piece of “Van Gogh” worked with a paper towel to wipe – right! you have a pair of virtual-Mo differentiation of Impressionist!




  Escher works day and night, and now haven’t seen someone in this way painting the secret garden well sad

  Secondly, it is very simple and not too simple.

  For each blank squares painted, as it is both things I’ve done, and what is difficult about it?

  But the choice of different colors will show different results. Select receives, shades, rainbow-colored or not blooming? even with the same color, everyone can fill each pictures painted a different feeling. However, even if you are beginner’s mind, as long as you carefully fill paint graffiti, just to get a good pair of work.




  If you use the rainbow color

  Human impulses, never the same this creation one of the fundamental, so simple in the paint finish, MOM no longer have to worry about my blank canvas (paper) scratching what paintings (written) not coming out!

  Moreover, its literary nor too literary.

  Drawing on the lessons from an early age, music, we, who have no literary dream?

  Practicing too boring, fingers worn phrase and hard to remember. There not good where perspective structure is enough for a couple retreat. The secret garden, Totem looks, if I had painted it–of course, the painting is created.


Untitled _meitu_1.jpg


  Even without a fill color, the secret garden itself is a great work of art

  Too theatrical, became installed (beep–) to fill vacuum, we became a little painter.

  Finally, it has plenty of social property.

  I do not believe you Sun Circle of friends, no one in this book.

  It’s affordable, personal use, as a gift from pleasure. Painted a pair with cell phone video to upload various types of social networks, and because “no matter how you paint” is a good work, who does not want people to look at the “pictures”?

  Where can I buy the original English? how to paint better? color marker pens and water-soluble lead and who should I choose? because drawing the myriad complex metaphysical details the secret garden of use there are numerous problems for excavation, formation of topics available to people on social networks.




  The world is really small, similar to the methodology of product turn around can encounter

  These theories are not look familiar, the secret garden remember similar-and foot-looks as if it is impossible to fire the thing blew up, and is literary, simple to use good hand and strong reliance on social networking. Whether it is real or online, photography or painting, “product” core of the eternal.

  Even if this is the binding can never be flattened, in the spine designs never painted not the Chinese version does not prevent the goods it sold together with FAI Bai Jiacai lead.

  Using these four theories build products not found similar “stress”, “expanding imaginations” pious reasons? don’t worry, people will help you find it. Just like when you focus on one thing pressure will cease to exist, not only painting.

  Felissimo 500 color pencils, pencils all have their own names and stories.