Period of six months after the outbreak of the virtual reality industry will


Period of six months after the outbreak of the virtual reality industry will go into?


  Lou a friend of teacher, recently published an article to the effect that VR was a “big lie.” As with previous media bad-mouth VR industry, article on the overall development of the VR industry good, but think the current VR technology is still immature, unable to provide a good enough experience, so think VR is still a distant industry.

  Media view is terrible, VR is not mature yet? yes! most existing VR equipment is too heavy so ugly that even VR devices input standards are yet to be unified, existing CPU and GPU to make highly immersive computing … … However, how about that? people who told you need to pay only after the technology?

  First batch production of TV sets is reluctant to see people outline levels sufficient enough now? did delay mass pay? did delay mature? hand-cranked projector shakes bad ignition, it is deadly, but did delay paying for sins of the masses? video clear enough now? VCD be enough? DVD it? do Blu-ray before the masses have been cash? slag quality Blu-ray came out online video look pretty fun when you don’t do?

  Media people past 8 years has completely was jobs and leibusigubusi are wash brain, think each a times Subversion are to in details Shang do extreme, elegant, and beautiful, and perfect, wanted do a socket are to see inside of circuit board is neatly, please, Qiao Bang main died so long has, you I also didn’t woke up came, in he is not of world in, technology and market is another a rules.

  I can tell you that the real virtual reality industry look like:

  1, VR is a lucrative business for

  Several week Qian, I and industry upstream of a sister dinner Shi had discussion had VR money of topic, I lift has a example, in Mall in stall let people money experience VR DEMO, a Taiwan machine each months profit had million is didn’t problem of, just no technology content, this sister asked has a problem, a VR equipment how let different of people wearing in head Shang, health problem how solution?

  My answer is, despite the hot summer, VR helmet you will inevitably stick to the previous user’s sweat, however, there are still countless Renhao don’t mind. This sickening conclusion was not my idea, but in the West ring road of Beijing century Golden resources has already done so, I stared at the afternoon, found no consumers care about this issue.

  Similarly, the communications exhibition in Barcelona, in March this year, I see there are more than 6 booth are paired with VR equipment, used to show clients their skills and strength, under the private, a VR program is expensive, 20 to 600,000 knife … … Smoke with some exhibitors expressed interest in doing too much, but because of his mobile phone, can not use Samsung Gear VR presentations.

  This two a example although listening to up also enough cool, also enough so-called of Internet of, I just wants to description is, in a heap media people and investors also in with full questioned of eye review VR industry Shi, regardless of 2C also is 2B, early has was began for now you think not mature of VR technology pay has, you see with I eyes say a again VR cannot money try try?

  2, VR technology has reached the mass market the outbreak of

  Oculus has launched a consumer version of that VR is far from popular, do you remember the ever hot Wii? body massage really out? simulate real? if Nintendo VR have now sold out of stock, I’m afraid.

  As a set up until 2012, founder more than 20 year old technology company, Oculus unable to find a balance between technology and consumer is a normal phenomenon, look at the history of television, video, film, technology, you will find technological outbreaks and company most of the time not ignite marketing company.

  Myopic astigmatism in my 400-go partially colorblind technology edge practitioners, Oculus and Samsung Gear good enough outside the VR input devices, immersion experience in good and prices are already sufficient to the mass market, unfortunately Oculus spent too much energy and PC game based on, and the public market investing enough.

  If you only experience had domestic 200 block following even dozens of block of VR glasses box, certainly think VR technology also enough let people satisfaction, domestic near hundreds of made plastic shell of company real make understand optical programme of not to one-fifth I will blather did? but said back, you really think World Shang most advanced of a items technology will than you pinch once feet also cheap did? side n more was domestic three flow VR glasses box by hurt of people, experience has Gear VR Hou began understand problem out in which has.

  3, as long as there are users, content will always be for the technologies of compromise

  Reason to badmouth VR, are often filled with accusations of bottlenecks on the existing VR equipment operations, view that the processor cannot be hosted by “virtual” operations, also thinks VR input devices of the device is not perfect, not enough good content experience. Unfortunately, this is a wrong idea.

  Movie no sound, the Director and the actors did not strike or at home waiting for the emergence of sound film, they adapt to the technology, and subtitled narration. When no buttons are touch screen, game developers are not on strike, did not wait for the flexible LCD, they adapt to technology, by birds and fruit to create a new experience.

  Technical user support, content for the technical compromises, instead promoting market prosperity, encourage further updates, and content can get more living space, two alternating, is the normal path, even the iPhone, have been difficult to do in one step, today’s severe ARPG games can be run on the original first generation iPhone on?

  In short, content never VR industry bottlenecks, don’t underestimate the content industry’s ability to adapt.

  4, the next six months how domestic VR industry

  Our progress a little more Fireworks workshop, the outbreak of domestic market of virtual reality will be a little faster, while acting as it sounds, but it is a fact. Mobile VR in this area, we have representative domestic applications, and development tools at the highest levels of the game, because we were standing in the Oculus and Google on the shoulders of giants, because we never intended to separate hills in the core technology, we just digestion after transformation to adapt their technology more hardware and optical program.

  Oculus on mobile VR in a swing stage, knows exactly what Oculus and Samsung signed a contract tied in the Oculus and Samsung in the next few years, who will be the first to experience the same ported to all popular models, who will be able to capture the market, who can find breaking point from a consumer perspective, who can be a leader.

  Fireworks workers square dry of is this pieces thing, put Oculus for Samsung exclusive provides of service open to whole Ann Zhuo big ecological environment in the, this means with past domestic VR glasses box in content level Shang of short Board will was quickly make up, this on domestic near hundreds of VR glasses box Enterprise for is a good, but also means with large even optical programme are do bad of enterprise faced out.

  Rapidly during the ebb tide, Fireworks workshop and well-known enterprises to develop a low-cost protection standards, this means that domestic hardware + Fireworks workshop will launch no less than Oculus Gear to work with Samsung VR products. Less than half of the price will be the Gear VR, which is half of domestic VR market thing is going to happen in the future.

  Maybe you think it’s just nonsense, but even 2 months ago, any company can say that mobile VR cinema technology can compete and Oculus? but now we have proved that.

  This is not a media view comments but media why people chose this time into the VR industry.