Regardless of whether you watch and Apple is to do it map

  Today there is news that Apple acquired GPS company Coherent Navigation–the United States founded in 2008, the members come from the engineers at Stanford University and Cornell University.

  Coherent Navigation develops high-precision navigation systems (iGPS), even more than many consumer grade GPS systems, this acquisition will help boost the Apple map accuracy and quality of service.

  Referring to Apple’s maps, the first thought should be all kinds of negative news, and a series of acquisitions associated with the map service does not seem to bring about significant results.

  ”To Google” hard step

  Replace the internal search engine to discard such services as YouTube, Apple has never stopped “to Google”, and part ways with Google map can be said to be the most difficult step.




  Since 2012, after the release of iOS 6, Apple Google maps map to replace the original. But come a lot of recognition errors and rough maps of information does not make you feel satisfied.

  Remember most interesting news is that some here mierdula Australia map of local tourists in Apple “misleading” under the bus from town hinterland of the Murray sunset National Park, 70 km away.

  The tourists stranded for up to 24 hours, in the case of no food and water, after the long walk through the danger zone, before they receive a cell phone signal be rescue, Australia Police reminded people to use caution Apple map.

  Apple’s criticism of the product is not much, map is one of them. Tim Cook even as Apple apologized to the user there are a lot of errors in the map, and that Apple is working to improve.




  Apple BUG early a lot of ironies map.

  Current solutions are: on the one hand and local map suppliers (domestic and guide map), improve the quality of service; on the other, through the acquisition of different map services company “patch”.

  So “take much”, why is Apple so “obsession” to create their own maps?

  Through the acquisition of “cut”

  As early as in 2011, Apple completed the Canada Geographic Services Corporation Poly9 Group, mapping company Placebase data layer, as well as Sweden 3D map C3 Technologies acquisition.

  Noteworthy Poly9 Group launched mapping service, like a “lightweight” Google Earth, for Apple map Flyover “bird’s eye view” feature provides technical support.




  The last two years, Apple has acquired a series of maps and travel companies, attempted to in this way on their ongoing optimization and improvement, improve the overall quality of service. Several of them concern:

  Broadmap is a Government, nonprofit organizations, and business partners to provide GIS (geographic information system) solutions company, products include digital maps, geographical locations, telecommunications, networks, mobile applications. Is a the bottom of the map service company.

  Embark is a dedicated public transport map company, it will also have a precise tip in the distance, such as announcements of public transport in your health, what time is the next bus information. Embark now covers more than United States cities.




  WiFiSLAM is an interior navigation company, by identifying the Wi-Fi signal, and Acceleration sensors for indoor navigation within the mobile phone. WiFiSLAM’s philosophy is to give you access to anyone in the building, accurate to 2.5 metres distance.

  As you can see, from the bottom to indoor navigation solutions, 3D modeling, Apple acquired mapping service companies covering almost all aspects of maps. But at the same time, Apple map’s effect is still not ideal.

  Apple wants to use acquisitions to “cut”, have a share in the map area, but the situation is not optimistic.

  The Achilles heel

  Map has been the “digital life” aspects.

  Whether iBeacon, Apple Pay these relatively low-level technology, or calendar, daily life of the Passport application, even Gallery location categories are inseparable from the map service quiet support–from various takeover rumours on Here Nokia maps will be able to see the importance of mapping services.

  But maps do not just “positioning” that simple. As Olof Schybergson on tech blog GigaOM said:

  With the “moving” competition focus from hardware to services, Apple needs to have its own deeper services–important mobile service platform includes map, transactions, payments, social networking, search. In Apple using its massive cash could put in the field, map, it is an important control points of a strategic nature.

  ”Where is” and “where” is only in maps of the most basic functions, a simple “positioning” function is just the beginning, how to with virtual service location in series requires complex processing. “What to do” is the Apple map real problems to be solved.




  On the map has become the Apple eco-system’s Achilles heel. One of the main problems lies in itself does not make any map software research and development, although you can use this acquisition to “cut”, but how to integrate different map service company well is not an easy thing.

  But regardless of whether you watch, and Apple is to do it map.