Completed b million financing round Yun Shi how distribution Enterprise browser


Completed b million financing round, Yun Shi how distribution Enterprise browser will subvert the enterprise market?


  June 2015, pioneering cloud b round of financing adaptation done millions of dollars level, the investor for Morningside ventures and IDG capital. As we all know, IDG capital is the Internet industry’s top venture capital firm, invested in Baidu, Tencent, and many other companies. And the Morningside venture Liu Qin, with investment in millet fame, while Sohu, ctrip and Internet projects such as Phoenix’s first institutional investor, and Yun Shi look to match a corporate Internet startups.

  Yun Shi distribution is a very unique product concept startup, its flagship product, “cross-screen cloud Xcloud” main solution to all kinds of mobile devices from PC Web page screen adaptation problems. Yun Shi currently equipped with main business focus in enterprise-class solutions for Government and Enterprise website, portal, e-commerce, forums and other sites, as well as OA, CRM, ERP and other business systems PC Web adaptation to HTML5 mobile pages, Web “design once, universally applicable”. In addition, Yun Shi side last year unveiled China’s first open source HTML5 cross-screen–Amaze UI front-end framework to help businesses and developers to quickly build HTML5 mobile apps across the screen.

  After you complete the financing, Yun Shi distribution will focus on building China’s first enterprise-class browser “Enterplorer”, and further promoting HTML5 technology widely used in the enterprise market. Yun Shi distribution will be completed “clouds + to + development tool” layout, from instrumental to platform development ecosystem. So, b round of financing to be China’s first enterprise-class cloud browser adaptation, realization of investor to another myth, win Internet era + great company?

  Stand on the shoulders of three legendary mentor

  Yun Shi distribution founder Chen Benfeng University of science and technology in China for 5 years in electronic engineering, including 3 years in University flying companies. HKUST fly was founded in the end of 1999, and in 2000 when Chen Benfeng sophomore, software due to a school competition in the first place, and was recruited into the large flood fly internships. HKUST flood fly is at that time a small entrepreneurial companies of more than 10 people, and Chen Benfeng and HKUST flew the founding team worked for three years in a laboratory, and Chen Benfeng undergraduate mentor Wang renhua University flies the first Chairman.

  After leaving science Chen Benfeng went to the Hong Kong University of science and technology graduate, where he met his mentor, Professor Vincent Shen. Vincent Shen in 1969 and earned a doctorate in electrical engineering at Princeton University, at the age of 24. 1969-1985, he taught at the Department of computer science at Purdue University, 29, became a tenured professor. In 1990, Vincent Shen from the invitation of the Hong Kong University of science and technology created a Department of computer science and Director, Hong Kong’s first Internet company was founded in 1991, after the 1997 return of Hong Kong also serves as a Hong Kong S.A.R. Government Scientific Adviser for innovation and technology. Vincent Shen has created the International World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) branches in Hong Kong, and from 2006 to 2008, was Chairman of the Steering Committee of the Conference of the W3C.

  Yun Shi’s idea of blending is Vincent Shen when everyone is still in black and white, Nokia mobile phone, mobile Internet did not exist when very forward-looking issues raised and became Chen Benfeng master’s thesis topic.

  After graduating from the Hong Kong University of science and technology, and Chen Benfeng Microsoft global transnational recruitment to the United States at Microsoft headquarters. The so-called transnational recruitment, is the United States the company must be a position announcement six months to make sure no Americans can work, can only be recruited from other countries. Chen Benfeng took part in the Microsoft IE browser’s core development team, the then team leader Christian with a team to compete with Netscape, whack the IE market share from zero to almost 100%, and thus become a taishanbeidou figure in the field of the browser. Chen Benfeng during work at Microsoft, successfully participated in the release of IE8, IE9, IE10, was also involved in the next generation Web standards HTML5 development and design of HTML5 in IE.

  Because standing on the shoulders of three legendary mentor, Chen Benfeng is it possible to create adaptation and then put forward the concept of the enterprise browser.

  Cross-screen cloud to the enterprise level browser

  From September 2012, Yun Shi Yun Xcloud, distribution across the screen have already successfully applied to more than 300,000 companies website, including Fortune 500 companies such as Microsoft, Lenovo, Hisense, bright screen, the China Youth daily, the CSDN and other well-known media, well-known universities such as Tsinghua University, Peking University and Hefei University, as well as the Chinese Government networks, government agencies such as the CPC network, the Management Committee of Zhongguancun. Amaze UI in just 10 months, attracting more than 200,000 developers and GitHub access to more than 4,500 in the famous open source community “stars” Star praises, ranks among the top five domestic open source software, BAT alongside such giants.

  ”Across the screen goes Xcloud and Amaze UI” two major development tool, Yun Shi distribution also need a browser, in order to build a complete ecosystem, from tool companies to platform company to three steps of eco-companies. This is Yun Shi with the series b financing goals, developed China’s first HTML5 mobile enterprise application platform – “Enterplorer”.

  What is enterprise-class browser? this is different from the consumer-grade browsers. And already some consumer-grade browsers include Microsoft IE, Firefox, Google browser, QQ browser compared to enterprise-level browser support system, browser security settings to solve consumer-grade browsers the biggest security problem. This is why so many enterprise-class application supports only Microsoft IE browser why IE browser because Microsoft has a lot of enterprise-class capabilities of the browser.

  Yun Shi distribution first developed China’s first enterprise-class browser for mobile devices. In terms of safety management, Enterplorer provides kernel-based VPN, you can dial VPN via a browser connected to the intranet rather than the mobile is connected to the intranet, formed a mobile phone networks both inside and outside isolation and reduce the intrusion of a malicious program opportunities. Secondly, the Enterplorer provides a cache the Sandbox technology, when the browser when the page is downloaded to the local cache, to encrypt the data, other APP or browser cannot read the data in the cache, so as to guarantee the security of mobile data. Again, the Enterplorer supports permissions, Enterprise IT administrators can set group policies for employee cell phone Enterplorer, limit access to the intranet. And when employee phones are lost when, in enterprise IT administrators can remotely delete phone contents.

  In addition, in terms of low-level API access for mobile, Enterplorer extends the capabilities of HTML5, HTML5 to access mobile phone system API layer, so HTML5 application can call the phone’s hardware and software resources for advanced enterprise-level features, such as access to the corporate address book. In other words, the enterprise-level browser HTML5 mobile phone can work like a native APP, interaction with enterprise systems and data exchange.

  Enterprise browser will subvert anything?

  Yun Shi Enterplorer distribution Enterprise browser will subvert anything?

  First, all based on the Browser/Server (B/S, the browser/server) architecture of enterprise applications can be migrated easily to the mobile terminal. Solution is very simple, install an HTML5 mobile apps on the phone “Enterplorer browser”. Since 2000, enterprise application development model from Client/Server (client/server, client/server) mode to b/s mode. B/s is on the premise of the rise of the Internet, entirely through the browser implementation of the user interface, part of the business logic in a front-end browser implementations, but the main business logic on the server-side implementation. B/S’s biggest advantage is that do not have to install any special software, as long as there is a computer with Internet access can use zero client maintenance and expansion of the system is very easy.

  In the absence of mobile enterprise before the browser, users want another enterprise application, it must be to develop a new set of enterprise applications for mobile end. Once you have the Enterplorer, due to Enterplorer security and mobile compatibility, users only need to use Enterplorer browser access to the intranet, you can easily use for internal corporate applications. This can significantly reduce the costs of migrating to cloud computing and mobile, and accelerate the speed of traditional corporate Internet.

  Secondly, Enterplorer is expected to overturn the browser moves desktop virtualization market. As a leading desktop virtualization and application virtualization technology vendor, Citrix, and VMware have launched for mobile phones and other mobile devices, such as desktop/application virtualization technologies, enables enterprise users to access through the mobile phone network, as well as operations for internal corporate applications.

  Snow advisory issued according to the market research firm-the cloud desktop study of market and customer display of the 2014 2014 VDI desktop virtualization market continues to grow in China, overall market size of more than 2 billion. But Citrix and VMware desktop virtualization technology is complex and expensive, often makes the SMEs look daunting, Enterplorer browser is very easy to solve users demand for desktop virtualization. Although Enterplorer browser applies only to b/s structure of the application, for non-b/s structure of the application such as Microsoft Office does not apply, but in fact Microsoft has released a Web version of Office 365, so Enterplorer the browser space is larger in the future, will cause the desktop virtualization market impact.

  Of course, Enterplorer the browser will contribute directly to the wide use of HTML5 in the enterprise market. On October 29, 2014, World Wide Web Consortium after nearly 8 years of strenuous efforts, announced the HTML5 standard. HTML5 is the cornerstone of the open Web standards, is a complete programming environment for applications across mobile platforms, video, animation, graphics, layout and other digital content as well as implement a wide range of network functions. HTML5 is the main advantage of cross-platform adaptive capacity, the “design once, universally applicable”. HTML5 application of marketing-oriented business advertising page, as well as the HTML5 application into the Enterprise App. By 2014, mobile HTML5 are very popular, but because the consumer-grade browser insecurity, HTML5 has not yet erupted in the enterprise market. Once Enterplorer the formal launch of the browser market, HTML5 application naturally become the company of choice for mobile application.

  Business Internet “+” times

  Yun Shi paired pages “design once, universally applicable” concept has been recognized by many users, and that’s what is “Internet +” the easiest path.

  Yun Shi distribution in 2012, United States Seattle establishment, and obtained the support of Microsoft’s venture. Yun Shi distribution’s first customer was United States Seattle Belleville, a Government Web site. At that time, Belleville has been positioning itself as a city of science and technology, however, the mobile Internet era, only the PC site and start-up cloud adapter Chen Benfeng according to the official website of the Mayor’s mailbox, wrote an e-mail to Redmond Mayor at that time. Redmond Mayor will send someone to contact Chen Benfeng, the Mayor himself and Chen Benfeng met and soon became the first Yun Shi distribution customers and United States Government’s first single. The same words, Chen Benfeng and later returned with Guo Hong, Director of the Administration Committee of Zhongguancun said that Zhongguancun Management Committee Web site will soon become the Yun Shi Chinese Government first single.

  In 2013, Yun Shi got blending University flying angel round 3 million RMB investment, then got the capital, Tiger children’s Fund invested tens of Yuan level, such as a round of investment. Yun Shi distribution “across the screen goes Xcloud” can help companies based on public cloud and private cloud Web application mobile, cross-screen cloud pictures can be compressed up to 90% flow and automatic adaptation of the different sizes of screen, allowing users to move to the province under the network environment flow to quickly open Web pages. Adapter the adapter engine and cloud is again in the mobile page rendering, not involving the background reading and storing data, minimizing security risks. Based on cross-platform features of HMTL5, enterprises can quickly open the app, mobile search, mobile browser, Twitter, text messages and other marketing platforms, intelligent equipment for automatic adaptation of more than 5,000 kinds of screens. Even more interesting is that enterprises can also be based on user location, push through the adapter engine depending on the contents of the Web page on the user’s mobile phone, which greatly enhances the liquidity of Yun Shi distribution solutions.

  With the launch of Enterplorer Enterprise browser, Yun Shi distribution has three product lines: the adapter engine, development tools, and enterprise-class browser, which provides a complete platform for enterprises and developers, capable of supporting a vast ecosystem. Retail, e-commerce, healthcare, manufacturing, Government, financial and other industries, by Yun Shi distribution solution, fast, low-cost, efficient way to mobile Internet, complete “Internet +” process.

  Chen Benfeng believes that

  ”People will live in the future in a fusion of two worlds: the physical world consists of atoms, and made up of bits of the Internet world. Infinite bit world of innovation of science and technology, life will be more and more devices are connected to the Internet: mobile phones, tablets, computers, televisions, cars, smart home, wearable devices etc. Yun Shi to do distribution, through constant technological innovation, break down information barriers between devices, allowing users to use any equipment, with secure and convenient access to information by any means, create the ultimate experience of the interconnection of all things. ”