In April China s shipments of mobile solutions company list

  ”Big brother saying”

  Ecosystem are divided into several types, one is the biosphere, biosphere is mainly horizontal one is the ecological chain, chain is vertical, just like the music video a few years ago. Another is a true ecosystem, ecosystem is both vertical and horizontal, truly ecological chain vertical value and value of landscape ecological circle closer integration play a greater role. Benefits of ecological chain is able to form a self-sustaining, self-evolution. Ecosystem benefits are able to gather a lot of social resources.

  Letv holdings group, founder, Chairman and CEO Jia Yue Ting


  Holus holographic projection: the Smartphone screen projecting the intention of experiencing images


The team at H+ claims Holus can convert any digital content from a computer, tablet or phone into a 3D image, which is shown inside its glass pyramid. Two people playing a game is shown


  This looks a little more complicated devices you can take your computer, tablet or Smartphone screen projecting the intention of experiencing images. By Holus, holographic video conferencing, you can play board games, see Galaxy images in 3D preview before printing or simply the product design or with Cortana achieve genuine artificial intelligence. This may achieve the dream of every designer, you can even use the Leap or Kinect for Motion gesture control.

  Consumer express UAV launch and is just $ 749


In April China's shipments of mobile solutions company list


  This drone’s biggest selling point is the individual consumer level delivery drone, flying, unmanned fixed the product, on the phone, select the flight path can be. King of old bottle of erguotou, next door to borrow cigarettes such a thing, after all could give the drone. From the pictures, this product with Amazon, DHL, Shun Feng on load design using the drones also have differences, which tend to carry the boxes containing goods such as, Flytrex Sky is a bandage on a picture. Therefore, only sent small items, such as a bottle of beer.


  Liu Shuwei analysis as the network report making any stupid mistakes

  Liu Shuwei is an expert in finance and accounting, questioned financial fraud, Lam Tin, published monographs such as the listed company’s false financial statement recognition technology. Music video and fans, shareholders and onlookers thought Liu would find flaws and even more serious problems in the Visual results, but she wants to talk about the Internet company’s “money-burning mode.” No Lao Jia came forward to say “eco”, “against”, a bit about people on the Internet economy at a glance teacher Liu rusty on this topic.

  Short to attack the enemy, Director Liu Shuwei challenged shake music video of enthusiasm and provoked a spectator for the music video “talk about justice” (crowding the screen last night).

  Microsoft to “strangle” Nokia smart watch is a smart move?


In April China's shipments of mobile solutions company list


  We believe that Microsoft is “killed” Moonraker Nokia smart watches, apart from the right to choose after the merger, and Microsoft in the development of a wearable device market concept and strategy is different from the closely related to equipment manufacturers like Apple, Samsung, from this point of view, Microsoft’s practices would be a wise move, which also received support from the MicrosoftBand was out of stock before.

  ”Window on the supply chain”

  SMIC Huawei jointly set up a new technology research and development of integrated circuits companies such as Qualcomm


In April China's shipments of mobile solutions company list


  SMIC’s IC research and development of new technology (Shanghai) limited company controlled by SMIC, Huawei, IMEC, for certain shares of Qualcomm. Existing 14nm cutting-edge technology research and development-oriented. SMIC Chief Executive Officer and Executive Director Dr Chiu served as legal representative, Dr Yu Shaofeng, SMIC Vice General Manager.

  In April China’s shipments of mobile solutions company list

  April wotewode to 7.00KK in shipments of largest absolute advantage program charts, Wen Tai shipments with 3.00KK ranked second, huaqin ranked third with 2.60KK. Four company shipments this month were an increase over the last month.

  ”Capital said”

  As a founder, the company financing the four things you need to keep in mind when

  First, Set Vision, is the most critical, and this one is only for you.

  Second, Raise Money, you have to look for financing, someone else can’t do it, can you.

  Third, Hire and manage team you recruit, who work, the execution is what you need to be responsible for. How to manage them, how to motivate them to work efficiently, this is the core work of our founder.

  Four, Be a cheerleader, Jack Ma, the best example of this is, he doesn’t have to do some specific work, but every time he has to come out, and whether industry, Government, or their employees.