Latest WPC published Wireless charging standard charge speed boost


Latest WPC published Wireless charging standard: charge speed boost


  This year, the Wireless charging technology for smart phones has made great progress, but when you are in a hurry for phone charging, will eventually choose to use a mobile phone charging cable. Main reason is that although Wireless charging is very convenient, and Wireless charging stand and support equipment in the gradual improvement of wireless charging technology, but the charging system charging but is unable to keep powerful compared to the line.

  Last year, there were reports that Freescale Semiconductor has developed a wireless charging solution, it can transmit 15 watts of power. Now, Wireless charging Union (WPC) released its latest new standard for Wireless charging, Wireless charging increased significantly.

  Although the Group has not released specific details, but Freescale is also one of the members of the Organization, so we assume they are using technology as we heard last year. It is reported that Freescale has developed 15-Watt Wireless charging system for the Tablet PC, “big” equipment for Wireless charging, charging 3 times times that of common wireless cell phone charging system, charging naturally faster. Of course, in addition to Tablet PC, but the system also supports Smartphone, portable industrial and medical equipment. Freescale says they developed Wireless-charging system to support 15 Watt Qi standard and Wireless charging Union standards.

  In fact, the Wireless charging technology is not new, but the Wireless charging Union support would help the penetration of wireless technology. Meanwhile, suggests, Wireless charging industries realize they face competitive pressure from rapid charging cable technology.

  It was not clear when we can see the high energy Qi support this new wireless charging standard cell phones and Chargers. However, we hope that one day, when we come home from work, there will be no electricity after the cell phone charging pad, can fast-charge for us.