Life is measured by intelligent hardware Satisfaction is King


Life is measured by intelligent hardware? Satisfaction is King


  When the Fitbit and Apple Watch when a device has become necessary in the social, and quantify the movement of life from the fringe to the mainstream market. Fitness, nutrition and sleep became can quantify and analyze data sets, so you can expect is some “creative” entrepreneurs will take into account the extended tracking daily activity categories, Yes, we are talking about is sex.

  Algorithm allows us to achieve a better sex life?

  Recently, some to quantify the sex life of launched applications and gadgets. Different applications have their differences: Nipple relies on users to report data and Spreadsheets is via motion sensors to collect data on your phone; the Lovely Lei feng’s network is through the collection of device-specific data.

  They are all based on the same basic principle: you know about your past sex life, you will be able to get a better sex life in the future. By tracking the frequency of sex, as well as indicators such as the duration of sex, commitment to quantify the behavior of the application, their algorithm will enhance satisfaction.


Life is measured by intelligent hardware? Satisfaction is King


  This is a sufficiently attractive slogans, but creates a problem: there is no sign that these applications can really play a role.

  In General, we know that consuming reasonable amount of calories and increasing physical activity can lead to a healthier lifestyle; but sexual satisfaction does not like sport are simple to quantify. Sexual satisfaction is a very subjective and personal feelings, emotional States, eye contact and teasing words have an impact on satisfaction and application by motion sensors to collect data was too limited.

  These applications is not only useless, even harmful applications but will these couples, couples follow the application’s proposed increase in the frequency or duration of sex, you will find them to be more focused on the goals, rather than the process, will give them score more focused applications, rather than a partner even more fun.

  By focusing on indicators, rather than pleasure itself, quantitative behavior of applications may produce worse results, not better sex.

  Those seeking data to help them improve the sex lives of couples, can now remove applications that do more harm than good, the only indicators are you satisfied smile on her face!