The global smart phone assembly plant rankings Samsung tops

  According to IDC hardware assembled a research team from global supply chain survey results of the latest research shows that global Smartphone ODM industry shipments are expected to grow 12.3% in 2015, in 2015, after the recession in the first quarter compared to the previous quarter to 11.5%, reverted to positive growth.

  Global hardware assembled research team Research Manager Gao Hongxiang pointed out that: due to 2014 China city wisdom type phone manufacturers continued past number years active growth situation of production plans, in local market for boom slowed and reduced subsidies and reduced to of capacity of situation Xia, huge inventory prompted its 2015 first quarter production shipping number obviously reduced; again plus main emerging market for market scale has big, and exchange rate drama Yang effect purchasing power and growth slowed, 2015 first quarter global wisdom type phone industry manufacturing volume reduced, 2014 11.5% the recession in the fourth quarter.

  Judging from the competition, on the existing trend of product homogeneity, along with flat panel manufacturers and content providers such as Ali Baba, music video added, functional specifications, and price competition will appear, competition has intensified. According to the IDC worldwide hardware assembled team of global Smartphone industry ranking, 2015 top assembler respectively in the first quarter for Samsung (Samsung), Hon Hai (Foxconn), he Shuo (Pegatron), LG (LG), huaqin (Huaqin), OPPO, and cool (Coolpad), Flextronic, British huada (Inventec), Wen Tai (Wingtech). Among them, huaqin, Wen Tai, and days long, Shanghai, Longcheer for China’s top five Smartphone foundry, ranked sixth to 15th manufacturers for OEM price, product quality and other factors change quickly.

  Prospect 2015 global wisdom type phone industry development, despite 2014 accounted for global Qian 20 big among up 13 seats of China wisdom type phone manufacturers still maintained active growth of shipping target, but due to China market and main emerging market growth obviously slowed, second quarter is reply are growth of situation, IDC Global hardware assembled research team expected quarter growth rate only respectively has 5%, and 10%, and 2% of standard.