An Pertinent Review of VR Box from Independent Third-Party

There is a review from Fragers TV. On the whole, they have a positive opinion for VR Box. Especially, they are satisfied by VR Box’s adjustable lens. This makes it fits for most people and 3D applications. Because each application on Google cardboard has a different field of view(FOV). The original Google cardboard won’t let you adjust lens. The following is what they said:

We love the original Google Cardboard headset. However, the lenses are about as useful as a pair of cheap children’s binoculars, add this to the fact that you can’t adjust their position and you get a pretty bad experience. With VR BOX that problem goes away, you can adjust the lenses depth and width so depending on the application or video you can make the headset work for you. Now I have perfect vision (or so the eye doctors keep telling me) but I find each application on Google cardboard has a different field of view(FOV) so I end up adjusting the headset for each application differently, yes it is a pain but it only takes 5 seconds and you are all set. I personally had no issues with the VR Box lenses and until I can find a better headset to compare it with it gets 5 stars from me.

Another point that impressed them is VR Box’s comfort. They said:

Now think about it, you are going to have this thing rammed against your face…. hard, so you need to make sure it’s comfortable. The original Google Cardboard headset feels like razor blades cutting into your face while pouring lemon into your eyes. The VR BOX feels so much more comfortable. My only complaint is that I have a really high ridged nose, which on the original Google Cardboard I fixed by cutting out some cardboard, I could not do that with the VR BOX so I added a layer of extra padding to the surrounding area giving my nose more space to breath.

Finally, they think the experience with this VR Box headset is outstanding, and would highly recommend this headset.

Below is a video come from them.

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