Apple is building AR VR secret team

According to the United Kingdom, the Financial Times reported that Apple is being further increased virtual reality and augmented reality research and development efforts in the area of, and is forming a hundreds of “secret team” to test the other technologies such as virtual reality helmet.

VR box glasses

It is reported that Apple had hired United States Doug Bowman of top experts in the field of virtual reality, and from technology companies such as Microsoft’s virtual reality Department frequently lured talent.

In addition to the previously acquired Metaio, start-ups such as Faceshift and Emotient, Apple has also recently acquired a Flyby of the company focused on virtual reality/augmented reality Media. Flyby launched Media technology has been applied to Google’s “Project Tango” project.

Most noteworthy is that said Apple’s virtual reality/augmented reality research and development team may have been created in the last few months a variety similar to Oculus Rift Hololens and the virtual reality helmet prototype. Reports also pointed out that in addition to the financial times, the team developed techniques would be applied to the Apple Car project.

Applications for Apple in the past a number of patents related to virtual reality and augmented reality, including head-mounted devices such as video glasses. VR box glasses VR Box Virtual Reality headsets

Apple CEO Tim Cook, in a recent interview that virtual reality is not a niche product, and said “it’s very cool that bring interesting application”.

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