Cook VR is cool it s not niche

Cook: VR is cool, it's not niche

Zuckerberg, Nadela, page, and what are the similarities between Cook? They were caught up in virtual reality.

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In today’s earnings conference call, Apple CEO Tim Cook has responded to questions about virtual reality. In General, those companies that have not yet officially listed on the product, are not yet open to the industry schemes when Cook mum. But this is not the same.

Apple today, many are believed to have already started the layout of virtual reality, and a new product, or have raised. Today, when asked about the development trend of virtual reality, Cook said: “this is not a niche technology, it’s really cool, there will be a lot of meaningful use. ”

That simple sentence, may indicate that the Cook has Apple joined Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Samsung and Sony in the layout of virtual reality in the company. VR Box

An iVR equipment is coming out? Apple finished base accumulated in this area, but Cook publicly expressed its appreciation.

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