Appear to be accessible Oculus how far away from us

“Fingertips” is often give us the feeling of virtual reality. Technically said, although it appeared for several years, but previously available only at the Museum on such a place. Six months ago, Facebook has $ 2 billion acquisition of Oculus, a lot of people think of here and step on air-and blow the wind of heaven, not the wind dried pork.

At home, the “play” of the Oculus

Nearly six months later, several domestic VR (virtual reality) team developers circle Oculus spontaneously saved together, so last week we saw a VR virtual reality exhibition Play.

950% legend from the Oculus Rift generation raised at this time, been a whole two years. DK2 Rift has shipped two months, you can see most of the teams are at the scene the DK2. A developer friend told King: Although there were only dozens of teams, but already is the Oculus in the development of most.

Half of Oculus demo virtual scenes, such as virtual exhibition hall, cinema, virtual home; half of them with one or two peripherals, users interact with images. The most common is made Thunder snake Hydra, play some first-person fighting game also has a team from the Institute of omnidirectional treadmill (class Omni), playing a FPS.

[Razer Hydra]

[KAT treadmills]

[Simple VR Oculus combined with Razer Hydra game]

Oculus in 2012 when raised to 9,500 supporters and $ 2.5 million ending in April officially Oculus Rift shipped 60,000 units this year, DK2 has shipped 20,000 units, is expected to order about 100,000. Now calculated even by more than 100,000 users, 2 billion price, value of 10,000 dollars for each user.

The Oculus in the money, of course, or held in the hands of Facebook, anyway, not to the King in his hand, and not in the hands of the Chinese team.

2-3 development team on site June tells House guests: they show from the Demo was run in recent days with the show or the usual “play” when done–for the Oculus of the c-terminal development is very much on their sideline, in 100,000 users (mostly developers) on the basis of no one wants to make a profit.

Even referred to as a founder of Oculus team next year, consumer Edition (non-DK) package listing, expected to sell 1 million–100 million even if does not than, are hard to talk to other gaming consoles (Xbox and the PS) put it on a table. In a Word, earn game publishers more money on Oculus in sight.

A chicken egg

To undertake the above question is: since the Oculus applications developed for one or two years to earn less money, so the gang has a cavity blood do. Most of the VR project team in 2B, such as high-end air tech fan’s exhibition, for example, under normal conditions it is difficult to implement the virtual teaching, and even military applications, these are VR decade tepid but doing fine gold.

So what is the c-Terminal? VR consumers wanted to fire, you first need to have enough Terminal. This months before and after the storm, and Samsung launch virtual reality helmet (plastic Cardboard), as far as you know, at least 4-5 team is doing the same kind of products, expected by early 2015 when a large number of plastic listed with Cardboard. Different from the Oculus, this helmet hit film. So before the game comes, who have the best chance of advancing VR? Both flow and content of video websites.

In addition, is supporting the Oculus of peripherals, search the KS Oculus 40+Oculus related peripheral projects can be found, Kinect, Razer Hydra, Omni is very common. Similar peripherals will helmet 15 consumer version soon.

You believe next year will be smart with your hardware motion detection (bracelets, watches) and remote home after a benign node, because virtual reality beyond the first two into a covered Terminal, accessories, content and applications platform ecosystem.