New Apple patent improving the map navigation with augmented reality experience

New Apple patent: improving the map navigation with augmented reality experience

According to AppleInsider reported that Apple introduced today two new patent applications. According to the description of the application, it uses augmented reality to improve the performance of iPhone navigation. Combined with the iPhone camera and application to users based on the cover around the real, this technology can generate virtual map, to render the scene around the Interior of the building.

The patented technology to GPS, WiFi and sensor data to pinpoint the user’s location, and then download a 3D model of the surrounding environment. But use sensor data may cause some errors, in order to bridge the gap between virtual scenes and real (drawing other augmented reality applications), Apple is using the iPhone camera to video broadcast, let users compare real and virtual elements included in the drawing. Once the match is successful, the user on the virtual image “piercing” building outer layer inside.

Apple has added a Flyover in the iOS map functions, provide 3D satellite imagery allows virtual interactions more, but this time add the augmented reality (AR). Has also introduced similar features before, including Layar and other startups, but the launch of Apple’s patented technology is more sophisticated and practical.