Microsoft s patent intelligent virtual reality glasses predictable directions

According to reports, Microsoft recently acquired a name as “based on wearable vision system” patent. The patent not only make smart glasses similar to the glass products to identify specific objects can also judge their behavior. For example, using this technology the smart glasses to identify distant objects is a car, can predict to which direction the car, glasses wearer avoid vehicles may be a timely reminder of the threat.

This technique can also be “merged” the real and virtual worlds, when the user is at home playing a virtual reality game while smart glasses will create a contains the chairs, tables and other obstacles to a virtual environment, prevent users from hitting them.

The patent was obvious that Microsoft is creating competing products Google glasses. As early as November 2012, there are rumors that Microsoft is working on this type of product, one year after a similar rumor. With Microsoft’s new proprietary public seems a smart glasses virtual reality equipment is not too far away from us.