Oculus acquisitions RakNet Developer Conference scheduled for September

According to ZDNet reported, Oculus of the virtual reality equipment manufacturer, announced Monday, has acquired gaming network middleware device provider RakNet and, in addition, Oculus also announced that on September 19 to 20th in Hollywood held its first Developer Conference.

RakNet for many independent and large corporations to provide cross-platform voice calls, SQL login and secure connectivity services customers including Mojang, companies such as Sony Online Entertainment, and Oculus themselves. Oculus says in the BSD Protocol modifications, this open source resources immediately available, can provide more tools for developers. It is reported that the acquisition for the Oculus of the autonomous action and interference from Facebook.

In addition, the Oculus on Monday also announced that it planned from September 19 to 20th this year, first Developer Conference, held in Hollywood, California, applications will be started on July 10.